Our site is experiencing some technical issues

We expect the site to be back up again around the 5 to 8 of December, with a much better setup and products you can buy from us to support our work.

Look at some of the updated information below while we solve them and redesign our website.

Moins Fortunes are building a new website, to better show you what is going on, but also so that it is better and easier for you as a supporter to donate and buy the products we sell to support our children, projects and build a better future for them and their communities. The products sold also help spread the message so that more can get help and build that bright future....

While we solve our technical issues and are updating our website, you can have a look a the information below about us, and some of the new products we are introducing to support our projects. Hope you will like them, there is Organic coffee, and some is also Fairtrade coffee supporting the local farmers more for a better life, there is Honey from Masaai women groups, making lip balm and skin salve as well, soaps, Organic tea supporting a hospital and much more, so keep following our website and welcome back around 1st of December, 2022 when the site will be ready again.

 150 Gram Coffee  250 Gram Coffee  500 Gram Fairtrade Organic Coffee
 Chocolate covered Peanuts  Chocolate-covered roasted coffee beans  Maasai Honey - Skin Salve - lipbalm
 Tanzania hot coffee spice  Zanzibar Vanilla rods  Nana Handmade Soap - coffee
 Nana Handmade Soap - charcoal  Giftpack with 6 different tea  Lutindi Tea

Grey T-shirts and facemasks with pictures from artists, can be bought on Bonfire by clicking the image. More products will be added weekly.

The children we support and Moins-Fortunes would like to thank you in advance for your help, and support for our children's better future.

These are just some of the upcoming designs of much better quality that will be available from our East African Artists. They will be sold through different platforms, and in association with EAAD (East African Art and Design). They should be available from around the 1st of December, 2022. Every time you buy any of the designs you support our children.


Before our site will be back with a new design and new options around the 1st of December 2022, we would like to make a small introduction to Moins Fortunes.
Moins Fortunes is a Danish NGO that opened up in September 2013, and have had it as its goal is to help Orphans, Homeless (Children), and children of poor families attend school and get an education to improve not just their own life but also the community around them.
We have also assisted with medical service in serious cases, and this is something we will look more at in the near future.
Besides that, we are working together with other organizations to help other groups, supplying Sanitary pads to girls in Kenya and Tanzania, and helping protect young girls against early pregnancies (From 9 years of age it has been seen), to early marriages, where a family marry away young daughters, for survival.

Moins Fortunes
Bogholder Alle 27B
2720 Vanløse
DK-Phone: +45 65 747 747
US-Phone: +1 347 983 5038

34 97 79 84 - registered on 1st September 2013
34 97 71 35 - registered on 3rd September 2013
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